Fairway Pet


Our 30mm pile height pet friendly artificial grass accommodates all pet lovers and homeowners alike. This product has been designed and manufactured for advanced drainage; it is completely porous as it has a net-like backing and does not rely on the conventional punches drainage holes like the standard PU backing to facilitate the ease of removing pet excrements and also so that bad odours are easier to get rid of as it is less likely to cling to the backing of the artificial grass. Thus said, it is still imperative to wash the excrements away as soon as possible to avoid germs and bacteria. This can be done with common household detergents such as Dettol all-purpose cleaner or even sunlight dishwashing liquid.

Pile Height: 30mm
Colour: Four-Tone
Stitch Rate: 160 p/m
Density: 16 800 p/sqm
Warranty: 8 Years UV & Manufacturers Warranty

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