We, Arturf Africa (Pty) Ltd are based in Cape Town with our showroom recently relocated to Unit 1, 98b Bofors Circle, Epping, Cape Town. We are the sole direct importers and distributors in Africa for our mother company, Team Sports Industry Ltd T/A Arturf China which is a leading supplier of synthetic grass internationally with two extensive manufacturing plants in North and South East China.

We have our own yarn extruding factory equipped with the most advanced yarn extruding, tufting and back-coating machines available which means that we are able to implement our own stringent quality controls from start to finish using only the highest quality materials.

All our products are designed to have superior athletic performance qualities compared with natural grass in areas of skin abrasion, foot stability, traction, shock absorption, ball movement and slip resistance. These attributes combined with the best manufacturing processes and the best materials available are what make Arturf products SIMPLY THE BEST.

How ARTurf is Made and Delivered to You

Why opt for an artificial turf?

Before deciding whether or not artificial grass is right for you, what are your expectations?

As busy as our lifestyles has become, garden maintenance often gets neglected. Artificial turf = NO MOWING.

With climate changes such as our weather growing warmer and other environmental issues, water restrictions are on the rise. Artificial turf = NO WATERING not mention no carbon emissions from petrol driven lawn mowers.

Safe for adults; children and pets, artificial turf should be considered in every home.Applications are endless, from a football pitch to a bedroom rug.Artifical turf is so easy to clean, you’d take pleasure in doing it.