ARTURF AFRICA - Aritificial Grass Panacea


 We are a young and dynamic company whose founding directors have a wealth of experience both in the construction and artificial grass industries, thus placing our company in a perfect position to provide expert and economical solutions to our customers’ specialised needs, especially in these stressful times when water conservation in our day to day lives is so important.

 We have a walk-in warehouse in Epping Industrial 2, Cape Town, South Africa where customers are welcomed.

 Arturf Africa is comprised of two main divisions:

 RETAIL – This division is centred on domestic and commercial installations where we offer expert design and installation services directly to end users at highly competitive prices. Our installation teams are experienced and professional, making them well equipped to deal with even the most complex installations.

 WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION – This division greatly benefits established resellers and installers who are not able to or do not wish to import directly, by providing a “One Stop Shop” to fulfil all their daily requirements without having to tie up their own valuable working capital in expensive premises and stock.

Expert training is also provided by Arturf Africa to newbies who want to get a foot in the door to this exciting industry.

In terms of being able to offer competitive prices, our capacity to purchase and stock large quantities gives Arturf a distinct advantage in the industry and ensures that we are able to negotiate the best prices with our manufacturing partners and in turn pass these discounts on to our customers, in particular to our resellers, allowing them to also to be more competitive in their own market.

Arturf Africa’s products are of the finest quality with our manufacturing partners rating amongst the best, globally.

Our research and development teams are relentless in their efforts and are constantly striving to improve our existing products and scour the globe for new innovations.

Amongst other important attributes like carrying an eight-year guarantee, our products are designed to have superior athletic performance qualities compared with natural grass in areas of skin abrasion, foot stability, traction, shock absorption, ball movement and slip resistance.

Finally, a clear indication of our success and of the correct positioning of our business in the market place, is the rapid growth of our WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION network which is expanding exponentially as resellers and installers realise the benefits to them of their “One Stop Shop” policy and the comprehensive services that we can provide.

We have also recently expanded to Gauteng, South Africa.

Arturf Africa is…..simply the best!

Applications overview:


  • Here longer Polyethylene fibres up to 55mm are used and then impregnated with rubber granules (10-20mm) plus silica sand (20-25mm) for more comfortable playing, accommodation of boot studs and sliding tackles.
  • Professional geotextile fabrics and drainage systems are installed to prevent pitch flooding and only the highest quality of grass accredited by UEFA and FIFA around the globe is used.
  • We are religious in our preparation of an excellent compacted sub base of load bearing crushed stone aggregate or asphalt to support our playing fields and/or any machinery used for subsequent maintenance.
  • We offer an optional “shock pad” of between 10-20mm and/or a sport-technical layer mixture of sand, lava rocks and/or rubber if we think this may be required.


  • The same procedure as above is followed but a minimum pile height of 65mm is required plus a shock pad in order to meet the IRB’s (International Rugby Board) critical fall height of over 2m.


  • Artificial turf courts do meet the ITF (International Tennis Federation) court standards with ratings of medium to fast depending on the fibre density and height. Factors such as spin, slice and bounce are taken into account.

Commercial & School Play Grounds: 

  • Transform your playground into an all year round colourful adventure with rubberised cycle tracks and pathways. Arturf only uses top quality, 100% non-toxic synthetic grass for the safety of your loved ones. Special attention is paid to critical areas around and under play equipment where CFH (Critical Fall Height) factors are important and where shock pads and rubberised safety surfaces should be installed. 

Decks & Rooftops: 

  • Transform your deck or rooftop into a beautiful green recreational area. Speak to our experts for advice on other features such as artificial wall gardens and water features. 

Landscaping and recreational: 

  • Use a combination of Arturf’s different styles of synthetic grass and products such as rubberised pathways, cobbles and artificial plants to create your own paradise at your front door.

Pet friendly lawns: 

  • Arturf pet friendly lawns are robust, durable and should stop even the most vigorous attempts by your dogs to find out what’s underneath. Adequate drainage is installed and the special mesch backing on Arturf’s pet grass is designed to allow liquids to pass through easily. Cleaning is easy after the removal of the dog’s mess by simply using warm soapy water. Stronger detergents are not necessary. Unlike conventional lawns, Arturf pet friendly lawns will not discolour or become worn and patchy due to our use of superior UV stabilised yarn in the manufacture of all our synthetic grass products. If any odours persist even after cleaning, a solution of Pine-Gel diluted in water and applied with a 1:10 mixing nozzle from your local hardware dealer will do the trick.

How ARTurf is Made and Delivered to You

Why opt for an artificial turf?

Before deciding whether or not artificial grass is right for you, what are your expectations?

As busy as our lifestyles has become, garden maintenance often gets neglected. Artificial turf = NO MOWING.

With climate changes such as our weather growing warmer and other environmental issues, water restrictions are on the rise. Artificial turf = NO WATERING not mention no carbon emissions from petrol driven lawn mowers.

Safe for adults; children and pets, artificial turf should be considered in every home.Applications are endless, from a football pitch to a bedroom rug.Artifical turf is so easy to clean, you’d take pleasure in doing it.